Transportation and purification of sludge oil

Storage and disbursement of sludge oil

Recycling and waste management

Chipping, painting, repairing of ships and tanks

boiler cleaning services for vessels calling at various Sri Lankan ports.

Acting as a sub contractor for dealers who do not possess infrastructure and authorization



  • The only junk dealer in Sri Lanka who has junk license, MEPA approval, Chipping painting tank & boiler cleaning license and Scheduled waste management license from the CEA (Central Environmental Authority).
  • NGNR Marine (Pvt) Ltd is the only establishment in Sri Lanka who has the authority to purify sludge oil.
  • The only junk dealer who has its own facilities for sludge disposal.
  • Only dealer to own 12 or more road tankers.
  • Industry best practices to ensure safety and CSR initiatives.
  • We are the First ever organization awarded the Scheduled management license by Central Environment Authority.
  • The only dealer who has not violated a single disposal instruction for the past¬† years.


  • Purchasing and reselling of 50,000 metric tons of contaminated IFO 1500 in 2009 from Ace Power Embilipitiya which is a fully owned subsidiary of Aitken Spence group of companies. This stock contained Sulfur levels normally considered to be dangerous and hazardous.
  • Purchasing and removing of IFO 1500 from MV Krishantha, (A523) that was under the Sri Lanka Navy. The vessel was captured from the LTTE in 2010.
  • Clearing of 350 metric tons of sludge from MT Galoya. This stock was rejected by all the other junk dealers, because of the thickness of the oil.
  • Purchasing of 208 metric tons of contaminated IFO 1500 from MT Chahat in 2012.
  • The organization is currently purchasing more than 200,000 liters of sludge oil per month from Ace Power Embilipitiya, Horana & Matara since the year 2005. No other dealer is capable of operating in this capacity.
  • The organization has exported more than 14,000 metric tons of sludge oil since 2010 to date.